Listed a few numbers, facts, and approximations to guide you through assessing your horse’s health.

  1. RECTAL TEMPERATURE 99-100.8 degrees F
  2. HEART RATE 25-48 beats/minute (resting)
  3. RESPIRATORY BEATS 10-24 beats/minute (resting)
  4. MUCOUS MEMBRANES pink to pale pink (gums)
  5. CAPILLARY REFILL TIME less than 2 seconds(push on gums with finger – this is amount of time that it takes to return the color to pink)
  6. HYDRATION STATUS pinch a flap of skin above the shoulder and it should spring right back
  7. INTESTINAL GUT SOUNDS gurgling and growling in all 4 areas/quadrants of the abdomen
  8. DIGITAL PULSE IN THE FEET you should not be able to feel a pulse between the fetlock and hoof
  9. HOOF WALL TEMPERATURE the hoof walls should be cool to the touch
  10. AMOUT OF HAY EATEN IN A DAY a 1,000 lb horse should eat 15-20 lbs. hay/day
  11. WATER INTAKE PER DAY a horse should drink 1 gallon of water for every 100 lbs. body weight
  12. DAILY URINE VOLUME a horse should urinate 2.5 gallons/day for the average 1000 lb. horse
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