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Which Vaccines do I give my horse?  

This can be a challenging question for even the most seasoned horse owner or competitor.  To help you decide which vaccines are necessary for your horse, answer these few short questions...........
1.  Do you board your horse?
2.  Does your horse or any horse(s) in your barn leave the property for show or events?
3.  Has there been an equine disease outbreak in your area in the past 60 days?
4.  Was there a lack of requirements for equine vaccinations or a Certificate of Health Inspection at any shows or events that your horse attended?
5.  Was the horse stalled next to yours at an event/show unhealthy?
The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) has established guidelines for vaccinating your horse.  If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you should consider CORE vaccines for your horse.  If you answered YES to 2 or more questions, then you might consider vaccinating for both core and select RISK-BASED vaccines.  
1. Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis
2. Rabies
3. Tetanus
4. West Nile Virus
1. Leptospirosis
2. Botulism
3. Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis)
4. Equine Influenza
5. Equine Viral Arteritis
6. Potomac Horse Fever
7. Strangles
8. Rotaviral Diarrhea
9. Anthrax
*** Always consult with your veterinarian concerning vaccinations.  
More information on vaccines and your horse can be found at
 An ounce of prevention is worth your time and expense if your horse is at risk for disease.