Deworming Recommendations


Due to some parasite resistance to most dewormers, we recommend that you submit to our laboratory your horse’s fecal sample for fecal eggs counts and parasite identification. Once we have the results from the sample, we can guide you appropriately on you choice of dewormers. Just call us and we will supply you with a cup and glove to obtain your horse’s sample.

1. Paste Deworming Protocol:

This schedule is recommended for the Northeastern United States for horses not on a continuous deworming program.( i.e. daily Strongid C 2X):

April and October – deworm using Zirmectrin Gold due to migration of tapeworms.

2. Daily Deworming Protocol

Deworm December and June with Ivermectin/praziquantel combination(Zirmectrin Gold) and keep horse on a daily dewormer, pyrantel pamoate (Strongid 2 x). If you choose this protocol, we recommencd enrolling in the Preventicare Program offered by Pfizer.

Note* Before starting the continuous deworming program, deworm with a Panacur Power Pac (5 continuous days).

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