Coggin’s and Health Certificates


Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) is a diseased transmitted primarily by biting flies and some mosquitos.This disease occurs when the biting insect transmits the blood meal between the infected horse and the unaffected horse. EIA causes extreme lethargy and anemia and eventually death. EIA is NOT contagious to humans or other animals.

There is no vaccine to prevent EIA.

Instead, we have a reliable test called a Coggins test (named for Dr. Coggins who designed the test). Testing involves a licensed federally accredited veterinarian to drawl a few ml’s of blood from your horse, draw your horse’s markings on a Coggins sheet to accurately identify him/her and finally the blood is sent to an accredited lab in the USA to be run. Once a negative test is confirmed by the lab, the Coggins sheet is stamped with a DATE and ACCESSION Number. The Coggins is then mailed back to the veterinarian and then your original copy of the test is mailed to you. This process normally takes up to one week. It is possible to obtain a RUSH Coggin’s (less than 1 week) for a slightly higher charge.

Please see the prices below.

**Please note: most lab samples are sent via FEDEX or MAIL. Keep this in mind when scheduling a Coggins test around weekends and holidays.

Coggin’s Charges for 2022

  1. Paper Coggin’s $42 – This is the standard drawing on a Coggin’s form. (please allow for at least a 7 day turn-around for this test)
  2. Rush Coggin’s $55 – This Coggin’s is anytime less than a typical week turn-around.
  3. 2-hour Coggin’s $75 – This Coggin’s can only be run on certain days of the week (Mon-Fri) and blood must be drawn in the morning to allow us enough time to deliver the blood to the laboratory.


Health Certificates of CVI’s are federal forms that are filled out by a Federally Accredited Veterinarian. These certificates allow for travel into another area of the state or into another state or providence or country. In order to obtain a health certificate, your horse must have a current negative Coggin’s, a normal body temperature (no fever) and your horse must meet the state requirements for whichever state your horse is traveling. These requirements can be located at the APHIS website. Standard Health Certificates are good for 30 days only.

30-Day Health Certificates are $28
In order for our practice to issue you a health certificate, you MUST provide us with the following information.
1. Copy of your horse’s current Coggin’s. Email is preferred. (
2. A complete address of the final destination for where you are traveling with your horse.You must include a zip code and phone number.
3. Please allow us 48 hours to issue your health certificate.

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